Add the Right Style and Depth to Your Event With Elegant Furniture

As any experienced event host knows, the decoration of a room can make or break the party. If your event is upscale and classy, you don’t want tacky furniture and decorations from your average party store. If guests feel like they have been tricked into something second-rate, the event will definitely not be a success.

We want to help you avoid that disaster. At Creative Event Services, we have elegant furniture just for you. Of course, you need to know what you are working with, so in this article, we will review the furniture we offer for events, what kinds of events that these pieces would be best for, and discuss how to plan your event.

Elegant Furniture At Event

Elegant Furniture for Events

You could rent our furniture for any function, as we have a diverse range of options. Some of the pieces that we offer are:

Lounge furniture

This typically includes leather sofas, scoop stools, cocktail tables, and bars. Lounge furniture adds an atmosphere of class and sophistication rather than metal tables and regular bar stools. There are several packages to choose from, allowing you to customize your event for whatever you pictured.

A white dance floor

This dance floor can make any room, even a warehouse, look elegant and contemporary. The best part is that the lighting you choose will be reflected on its surface. For example, you could have an ethereal, soft blue look that makes your guests feel like they’re dancing on the sky.

A red carpet

Red carpets have been associated with the most exclusive celebrity events for decades, and now you don’t have to be a Hollywood starlet to give your guests that star-studded experience.

LED uplighting

The lighting of any room is always important, especially for events with large groups. No matter your color scheme, these lights can be programmed to match, and they bring a much classier atmosphere to the room than overhead fluorescents.

Furniture for Different Events

You can rent out these beautiful furniture pieces for any event you desire, but some examples of occasions that these would be most suited for might spark your imagination:


The dance floor, uplighting, and lounge furniture would be perfect for any wedding reception. Many people blow their budget on receptions, but you can still add a contemporary feel and a touch of elegance without breaking the bank when you rent it from us.

Fundraising events

Every good fundraiser is set in a beautiful place. Of course, beautiful places cost more than you may be able to raise in an entire night in some areas. With this furniture, you can rent out a sensible room and turn it into something out of a movie.


Every girl wants to feel all grown up on her Quinceanera. After all, the whole party symbolizes the shift from childhood into womanhood. Make the event feel as sophisticated as she imagined with lounge furniture, a dancefloor, and beautiful lights.

Bat mitzvahs and bar mitzvahs

These coming-of-age ceremonies require a classy feel while still being fun and age-appropriate. A LED dance floor and uplighting will add some color into the party and keep its classy style.

How to Plan Your Elegant Affair

The first thing that you should do when planning your upscale event is book furniture and decorations. They are the foundation of the area that will wow guests and put them in a great mood. At Creative Event Services, we will work with you to ensure that your space becomes the epitome of class and style with our furniture. Our team of professionals will give you in-depth advice about the pieces you choose and how each could elevate your space. This takes the weight off of your shoulders and makes planning any event that much easier.

You can trust that you will be Event Planning getting top-notch service when you book with us for your special event or celebration. Our professionals have decades of experience. Creative Event Services has made top corporate events, private parties, and more successful for far longer than most competitors. Please contact us at these numbers for questions, price quotes, and appointments:


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