From leather sofas and scoop stools to cocktail tables and bars, our extensive selection of lounge and party furniture can enhance the décor and appeal of your event.

Classic or contemporary, elegant or jazzy we can supply the finest lounge and party furniture available. Whether you wish to bring a touch of sophistication to your event or make your party aloud with creative and unique furniture, we have everything to match your preferences. We keep regularly updating our collection to bring you the trendiest and most stylish items.

Let our incredible team of professionals assist you in choosing the most suitable furniture while keeping in mind the theme of your event. You can impress your guests with the most stylish and incredible lounge setting, which is not only aesthetically appealing but extremely functional as well. Take your pick from our already designed packages or explore our collection and come up with something of your own!

Our Packages

Boston Common

Newbury Street


South End

Top Of The Hub

North Boston High Back

Huntington Ave


Beacon Hill Low Back

Beacon Hill Low Back

Back Bay

Back Bay


Kenmore Square

South Station

Storrow Drive

Charles River Package

Freedom Trail

King’s Chapel Package

Spectacle Package

Faneuil Hall

North End


The Garden

North Boston Low Back


Fenway Park

Boston Harbor

Beacon Hill High Back

Bunker hill

Harvard Square

Massachusetts Avenue

State Street

LED Dance Platform

Deluxe DJ Booth and Dance Staging


Lighthouse Package


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