Planning an event can come with a lot of pressure. Making sure everyone has fun no matter age, setting, budget and possible time constraints requires extensive planning and thought when you’re left to do it on your own. However, Creative Event Services has been helping Boston residents plan exciting events that create a lifetime of fond memories. At Creative Event Services we offer a wide array of amenities and services that help you plan any event including:

The Latest Event Ideas

Creative Event Services is proud to provide you with anything you need to fit your events’ theme and to make sure that every guest there has a great time! Choose from any number of our attractions and amenities such as:

  • Carnivals- From games to food and performers our carnival booths are perfect for a variety of different activities and carnival attractions
  • Casino Nights- We have all the tables, performers and equipment you need to make your guests feel like they’re really out at the casino
  • Crafts & Favors- Give your guests a memorable memento to take home or show-off a bright, colorful airbrush tattoo
  • Event Furniture- Upgrade your party setting with customizable gobos, lighting and furniture options or even a dance floorI
  • Game Shows- Bring your favorite game show to life with our state of the art game show sets and equipment
  • Inflatables- Giant inflatable bounce houses, obstacle courses and other activities are a great way to get everyone at your event up and active
  • Multimedia- Whether documenting your event with photos/video or helping enhance the experience with a presentation or music video we have all the equipment you need for a good time
  • Performers- Whether you want a celebrity impersonator, specialty act, magician or celebrity appearance we have thousands of options that fit your needs
  • Photo Booths- A fun way to capture the memories of your event with a variety of options to choose from
  • Sports & Video Games- Arcade style games, mini-golf, VR gaming and other options will give your event a competitive flair
  • Virtual Reality- Put your guests right in the middle of the action! Our cutting edge VR equipment will have everyone talking for daysVirtual Reality- Put your guests right in the middle of the action! Our cutting edge VR equipment will have everyone talking for days

Plan Your Event Today

Creative Event Services has decades of experience helping you plan the best event possible. With our expertise, amenities and party equipment we’ll help residents throughout the Boston area make sure their next event creates memories that last a lifetime.


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