As an employer in the Boston area, you always want the best for your company. Team-building events, corporate social responsibility events, retreats, prize giving events and parties usually go a long way in stabilizing your staff and motivating them. Before you plan an event you must look for some corporate event ideas as this is the preliminary stage and not always as easy as it might sound. Whether you’re event is in New York or Rhode Island at Creative Event Services we make sure that your event goes off smoothly every time.


Your corporate event planning must be perfect from the word go. Make no mistakes- poor planning can really make a mess of an event. Nobody would be able to stomach the amount of embarrassment resulting from poor planning. At Creative Event Services we make it easy.

We have corporate event rentals for every type of event, whether it is indoor or outdoors. Let our experts show you everything we have to offer and help you make the decision on your event requirements. We handle many of the aspects of event planning, taking much of it out of your hands.


The most fundamental part of any event is entertainment, you can’t have your guests bored. Corporate event entertainment can vary greatly by venue and expected attendees. At Creative Event services we offer a variety of entertainment options from simple music, to entire stage acts. It all depends what you are looking for.

Whether you are looking to do a sports themed event in Hartford, or a classy piano bar in New England. We can help you.

Why not give us a call today and let our team of expert planners work with you to find the perfect event idea for your corporation. After all you want one that will be remembered favorably for years to come.

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