Why The Glow Photo Booth Is a Craze At Events

Photo booths were once a thing of the past, but they are making a huge comeback on the party circuit. With constant access to cameras, you wouldn’t think that people would have any use for such an old invention, but with today’s technology, they are no longer your grandparent’s photo booths. There are now many different types of booths to choose from. The glow booth is the latest craze that will have your guests talking about your party for a long time.

Photo Booth At Event

When hosting a party, the number one priority is for your guests to have fun. It doesn’t matter if your event is for children or adults, photo booths are the perfect accessory. Glow booths provide endless fun with unique props for people of all ages.

What is a Glow Photo Booth

The Glow Booth is a photo booth that completely surrounds your guests. Guests can wear black light props and write on the walls with blacklight markers, which can make for a huge signing board! There is a user-friendly touchscreen inside which allows guests to choose from animations or photos.

Guests will receive their pictures through text and email. This allows them to share the pictures immediately on social media. Once the event is over, you will receive a special link to the photo gallery, which includes all of the images from the event.

Why Photo Booths Are a Great Addition to any Event

Everyone loves pictures, and what better way to capture special moments than with a photo booth? They aren’t only for taking pictures, they are also for providing an experience!


Pictures can be fun, but with a glow booth, you add another level of excitement. Glow booths can provide you with some wild photos and add a touch of whimsy. Props will be on standby so that your guests can truly enjoy the experience. You can count on your booth to provide hours of entertainment.

Preserve the Moment

Booths are better than normal everyday selfies and phone pictures. They offer the opportunity to make a memory and be silly. When your guests use their phones to get pictures, there is a good chance that you will never get to see them. With a glow photo booth, not only will your guests will get a copy of their photos, you will personally get a copy of each and every photo taken.

They are for Everyone

People of all ages enjoy using a photo booth! For the younger generation, it is something new and entertaining and for the older generation, it is a bit of nostalgia. Everyone can cut loose and just have fun.

There are Props

Having props provides an added form of entertainment. Props give your guests the ability to strike different poses and be more engaged with the whole process. They also allow people to be more expressive and show a side of their personality that you didn’t know existed.

Great Party Favors

Pictures are the perfect party favor, and they won’t get thrown away. You don’t have to worry about purchasing favors that everyone will like when your guests get to take their own photos. Guests are able to take as many photos as they like, and they will get copies of each of them. Every photo will be unique and can capture your guest’s personality.

You Don’t Have to Do Anything

Glow booths don’t require any work on your part. We provide the setup, and photos are digitally delivered to you and your guests.

It’s an Ice Breaker

A glow booth is great for breaking the ice with your guests. People are able to let loose and mingle with other guests they may have only just met at the party!

Social Media Ready

Photos are directly texted and emailed to guests. This allows for quick uploading to social media. People will be able to see how much fun everyone is having at your event while it is still going on!

We’re Here to Help!

Planning an event can be tedious and Custom Photo Booth stressful. Our experts can help remove that stress you make your event successful and memorable. At Creative Event Services, we can provide you with customized options that will be perfect for you. If you’re planning a party in Boston, Hartford, or New York areas, contact us today!


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