Tips to Successfully Set Up a Glow Photo Booth at Your Party

A Glow Booth is a photo booth designed for the 21st century. It is an enclosed space featuring mirrors which reflect in a way that creates an infinite space. Inside, guests can play around with a variety of black light props and accessories to capture stunning photographs and make amazing memories. There are even black light pens to use, which allow guests to write on the wall and customize their space.

Glow Photo Booth

The Glow Booth uses a touch-screen interface, allowing guests to select a variety of animation or photographic settings and options. These options can be customized prior to the event launch to perfectly echo the theme of the event.

Instead of printing photos, the Glow Booth emails or texts guests their snaps straight to their phone or computer, allowing for easy sharing on social media. The event organizer will also receive a photo gallery at the end of the party. This compiles all of the photographs and animations taken during the event. Having this digital album is great for sharing with attendees or using for future promotional material.

Things to Consider When Installing Your Glow Booth

As with planning other facets of your event or party, there are some aspects you should consider before renting or installing your Glow Booth. Considering these points and planning for contingencies is integral to ensuring your celebration goes off without a hitch:

1. Space

Glow Booths are quite large pieces of equipment, often around 10 x 10 feet or more. If you intend to have one at your event, you’ll need to ensure you have ample space for it. If it appears as an afterthought or crammed in a corner, guests can easily be put off, and renting the Glow Booth will have been a waste.

2. Placement Within Event

In a similar vein, you should also consider where the Glow Booth is placed within your event space. The booth is likely to be very popular with guests, so you should be careful not to place it in a thoroughfare, as lines could make it difficult for other guests to navigate your party.

You also don’t want to place the Glow Booth near the entry of your events. It is more ideal if guests have got into the swing of the party before trying out the booth. This way guests will likely achieve more fun and creative photos, which not only will look great on their social media, but will give a great reflection of the party post celebration.

3. Weather

While Glow Booths can be set up outside, they require electricity. You will need to be absolutely sure that there is no chance of rainfall or moisture. Therefore, if you’re hosting an outdoor event, it may be best to place your booth under some type of protective cover for the booth and any electrical wires.

4. Electricity

On a similar note, the Glow Booth does require electric hook-up to work. Therefore, you should plan ahead for this when mapping out your event space to ensure your left with no awkward wiring situation and nothing for your guests to trip on as the night progresses.

5. Internet

As the Glow Booth’s smart technology sends digital pictures to your guest’s phones and computers, the Glow Booth will require an internet connection to operate properly. So, if you are intending to have a Glow Booth at your event, ensure you have sufficient WiFi or internet for transmitting data.

6. Test Run

Once your event is set up, be sure to test run the Glow Booth to make sure everything is set up for your theme, colors, and selected options. Test out the internet connection to make sure your guests will enjoy the ability to receive their Glow Booth pictures during your party.

Smooth Operator

By taking the above measures into consideration, you should have no issue setting up a Glow Booth at your party. If you live in or around Boston, Hartford, or New York, or want to host your event around these locations, then look no further than Creative Event Services.

We guarantee our Black Light BoothGlow Booths are of high quality and expertly maintained. With equipment that covers all aspects of an amazing party, Creative Event Services really are your one-stop shop and your ticket to the party of a lifetime.


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