Tips to Organize a Roller Coaster Themed Party With VR Roller Coasters

Themed birthday parties can be extremely enjoyable for everyone from children to adults. If you are throwing a party for an amusement park fanatic, you may want to consider a roller coaster themed party. They are unique and can be a lot of fun!

Themed parties often have a higher turnout than regular parties. For children, themed parties can be very exciting and let their imagination can run wild. As for adults, they get the chance to feel and act like a kid again.

VR Roller Coaster Themed Party

Planning a Roller Coaster Themed Party

If you are planning on hosting a themed party, remember to take all aspects of the party into consideration. Don’t plan the same old boring party. Be bold and daring, and make your festivity stand out from the rest with the help of a VR roller coaster.

Areas to take into consideration are:

Decorations and Paper Goods

Theme appropriate decorations and paper goods are critical when it comes to throwing a party. Decorations set the mood and transform your party space. Some of the most common items used to decorate are balloons, streamers, banners, wall decorations, plates and napkins.

When throwing a roller coaster themed party you can also utilize roller coaster inspired centerpieces and carnival booths. Photo backdrops and cardboard cutouts are a great way to get guests mingling and taking pictures.


Food is essential for any party. When planning a roller coaster themed party, don’t get fancy. When you are at a carnival or theme park you don’t have large steak dinners — you eat junk food that is usually eaten with your hands. Some food items you may want to consider for the party are corn dogs, hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken fingers, snow cones, kettle corn, funnel cakes, caramel apples, cotton candy, cookies, and soft pretzels.

Cake is always a big hit at parties. Consider purchasing a cake that is shaped like a roller coaster! It will be unique and get a lot of compliments.


Many companies offer roller coaster and carnival themed party invitations. If you cannot find one that you like you can always custom design your own!


To get your guests interacting and having a good time, you need to incorporate games. For a roller coaster themed party, use games like bean toss, big mouth, hole in one, pitch out, ring toss, shuffleboard, or star darts.


You are throwing a roller coaster themed party, so you need to have a roller coaster. What better way than by incorporating a VR Roller Coaster? Let your guests experience the thrill of the ride without going to the park. Our new virtual reality coaster includes different tracks with maximum speeds, turns, and gravity-defying drops. While guests are waiting for their turn they can watch the current riders live on screen.

Caricature Artists

Hiring a caricature artist allows your guests to take home a memento that they can keep for a lifetime. Traditional photos are great, but who doesn’t love to see themselves as a caricature? These talented artists are able to add another level of entertainment to your party.

Caricatures are great for every age group. They are always a fun activity and are an activity that friends, as well as couples, can do together.

Crafts & Party Favors

Everyone loves having something to take home from a party. From a goody bag to handmade crafts. Purchase larger gifts, such as stuffed animals, for game prizes.

Be Unique

Throw a party that you know people will want to attend. Your guests don’t want to go to a boring party. Stand out from others and give your guests a night to remember! Adding unique elements, such as the Virtual Reality Roller Coaster, will make people want to attend your party. When other people hear about the fun that your guests are having, they will be beating on your door to get in.

Make Your Party a Success

At Creative Event Services, we are here Lady Using VR Roller Coaster to make your event a success. Planning a themed party can be stressful. Don’t take the fun out of it by worrying about every single detail yourself; instead, let us help. We are specialists in our field and can provide you with expert advice, and we have the products to make your celebration one of a kind! We service the Boston, Hartford and New York areas. Contact us today to get started!


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