How VR Roller Coasters Can Add Charm to Your Party

Virtual Reality (VR) experiences are currently a big trend in the entertainment industry. Many events and parties are using VR to create fantastic and memorable experiences for their guests. One of the most classic and most popular examples of a VR experience is the VR roller coaster experience. In this article, we will discuss why incorporating a VR roller coaster in your party planning can make your event a huge hit, and one that will be remembered for years to come.

VR Roller Coaster

What can you expect from a VR roller coaster experience?

Riders can expect all the thrills and spills of some of the best and most daring roller coasters, and they can do it without leaving your party. Through the safety of a VR headset and moving seats, VR coaster riders can experience a range of thrilling roller coasters in equally as exciting locations. Through the magic of virtual reality, your party attendees can ride thrill rides across the globe. Riders will experience high speeds and realistic turns, loops, and jaw dropping dips and drops which are bound to make them feel as though they are defying gravity itself.

Spectators won’t miss out on the experience either. They are able to see exactly what the rider is experiencing on a monitor so they can watch both the coaster and the reactions of the VR riders.

Benefits of a VR Roller Coaster at your Party

There are many great reasons to have a VR Coaster at your party. It is almost impossible to come up with a comprehensive list in one article. Instead, listed below you’ll find some of the most common reasons why people opt to have a VR roller coaster at their party.

Attendance Boost

It is everyone’s worst nightmare to host a party and have a terrible turn out. A VR coaster can help reduce the risk of this by offering an exciting activity guaranteed to intrigue those invited and ensure attendance. If your party is an open event, a VR coaster can also help ensure public attendance, as it will look great advertised on posters and flyers.

Bang on Trend

As previously mentioned, VR experiences are highly on trend at the moment, bolstered largely by the improvements made to VR headsets. This is why VR coasters make an ideal addition to parties and events held by technology businesses or parties aimed at the 18-24 demographic, as it is also the perfect activity to talk about on social media.

A Thrilling Time

Aside from the classic dance floor and childrens’ activities, adding and element of thrill or excitement to parties tailored towards adults can be difficult. The VR roller coaster is able to offer high-octane adrenaline to keep attendees of your event buzzing.


Where most thrill-based events/activities are designed for the active and able bodied, such as a bucking bronco, bounce house, or inflatable sports games, a VR coaster provides a thrill that almost all ages and abilities can enjoy, helping to ensure that your event is inclusive to all.

Wide Demographic

Another brilliant factor of a VR Roller coaster is that it can entertain a wide age demographic. From tweens to retirees, everyone is able to enjoy the thrills and spills the VR coaster experience has to offer.

Creating a ‘Main Event’ Attraction

As both party planners and event attendees know how important it is to entertain guests. A VR roller coaster is a great option for ensuring that guests remain amused through the event, as it serves as a main event. Entertainment is offered for both rider and spectator too, with the rider enthralled by the VR experience itself, while spectators can be amused by watching both the screen and their friends reactions.

VR Coasters are Fun

Most of all, the biggest thing a VR coaster can bring to you event is fun! A VR coaster will entertain your guests throughout the party and bring some genuine laughs as well as thrills and adventure. Your party will be both memorable and talked about as one of the most fun events attendees have been to.

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