Tips to Keep Kids Engaged Using VR Hero Station at your Boston Party

Kids often are the life of the party, but sometimes the adults just want to mingle, eat some delicious food, and enjoy themselves without the distraction that kids can sometimes bring. When putting together a party, any party planner knows that one of the most important things to remember is to provide age-appropriate entertainment so that both the kids and the adults stay engaged and have a good time.

Engaged Kid At Boston Party

One of today’s most popular attractions among kids is the world of virtual reality, or VR for short. Our VR Hero Station is the perfect combination of everything that you’ve been looking for in a fun activity for kids: it’s unique, it’s interactive, and the kids can enjoy it even when the party is long-over. In this article, we’ll discuss why the VR Hero Station is a must-have activity at your next event.

The Perfect Party Activity

At any party, there’s nothing better than when entertainment doubles as a party favor. Think of balloon animals, for example. Everyone loves balloon animals. They’re fun to make and can be brought home afterwards. The VR Hero Station presents a very similar approach.

The VR Hero Station allows kids to have fun selecting any of three games that they wish to play. Then, the real magic begins as the kids have their pictures taken, which are transformed into their own personal Heroes. After the party is finished and the kids go home, they can use the codes provided along with their Heroes to play one of three games on any IPad, Apple, or Android device.

Why Kids Love It

Kids have incredible imaginations, and virtual reality is just one of the ways they can watch their imaginations come to life. The VR Hero Station not only transforms kids into Heroes, but it also allows them to play as the Hero in the game of their choice.

All Ages Welcome

While the VR Hero Station is primarily used and enjoyed by kids, it can quickly become the focal point of any party. It’s whimsical, unconventional, and unique. By transforming imagination into something tangible, the VR Hero Station can be enjoyed by young and old alike.

Make Your Party Memorable

It isn’t very often that you see virtual reality being used as either a party activity or a favor, but with the VR Hero Station, virtual reality conveniently becomes both. With something so distinct and memorable from every other event around you, your party will be all the buzz.

By taking advantage of the VR Hero Station’s branding options, you can make sure that your guests remember where they first created their Hero. Customize the game app by adding a logo or photo that showcases your party’s theme, and people will remember your event for a long time after for all the right reasons.

Fun Can Be Clean and Safe

Oftentimes, activities for kids can involve projects that leave behind big messes. With the VR Hero Station, no mess is required. There is minimal equipment used, and once the kids get their pictures taken, all the fun takes place on a technical device, such as an IPad or a cell phone.

While you’re being a hostess to your guests, you won’t have to worry about your kids getting finger-paint everywhere or about them running around and potentially getting bumps and bruises with falls. The VR Hero Station is the perfect combination of cleanliness and safety, both of which are important elements to an enjoyable party for all your guests.

We are Here For You

At Creative Events Services, our professionals are dedicated to working with you to help you plan a party that everyone will enjoy. We recognize the importance of providing entertainment and activities for all different ages. If you’re interested in booking the VR Hero Station and giving your guests a virtual reality experience that they can take home with them, more details are available on our website or you can contact us with any questions.

We serve the communities around the Kids Enjoying VR Hero Station Boston, Hartford, and New York areas. Our expert party-planners at Creative Events Services are dedicated to working alongside you to create a memorable party that you will be proud to host.


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