Tips to Choose the Best Furniture for Your Event

Event planning is a complicated process and involves many layers of preparation. Some of the big tasks include: deciding on a date and finding the right venue; deciding on food and hiring the right caterer; coming up with a guest list and sending invitations; and, of course, all of the tasks involved in creating ambiance. Your event should be memorable, distinct, and unique, all of which can be achieved through creating the right atmosphere for your guests.

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One way to create an atmosphere is through lighting, furniture, and décor. Choosing the best furniture for your event is specific and tailored to the type of event you’re hosting, the type of crowd you’re inviting, and other details that contribute to the overall vibe you’d like to create. There is much to consider with planning an event, so we’ve done some of the hard work for you; in this article we’ll go over some helpful tips on how to choose the best furniture for the big day:

Type of Event

The type of event you’re hosting is a critical deciding factor in the type of furniture and décor you should utilize. For instance, if you’re putting together a casino night, your guests would likely enjoy plenty of different card and gaming tables, a bar, a lounge area with high-back chairs and low tables, and dimly-lit lighting. For a red carpet occasion, you could plan to have a legitimate red carpet entryway, long, intricately decorated and elegant tables for a formal dinner, and private hang areas for guests. Just let your imagination run wild, and the possibilities are endless!

Type of Crowd

Another factor to consider when hosting an event is the type of crowd you’re inviting, and by this we mean: kids or no kids? For a children’s event, you will want to have plenty of child-friendly activities, fun foods, and brightly colored accent furniture pieces, including plasma displays throughout the venue. Having somewhere for kids to gather in one place can be achieved with the use of partitions and curtains, which can be adorned with beautiful LED lighting to make it feel extra special and luxurious.

Planned Activities

If your event will have a lot of activities for guests to take part in, such as sports games, casino games, or photo booths, then having ample seating is a must so that your guests can rest and recharge throughout the event. Comfortable seating areas throughout the event that can accommodate smaller or larger groups will help your guests mingle, and should be properly spaced to allow for crowds to watch the activities as they unfold.

Other Accents

Furniture alone can add comfort and elegance to your event; however, furniture alone won’t do the job to set your event apart from others. There are a few other ways to accomplish the vibe you’re going for:


Lighting sets the tone for your event. Having sports-arena-like lighting might be best for a sports-themed event, or for more elegant occasions chandeliers and low-lit romanticism is usually the right call.


No matter what type of event, coming up with a monogram for the evening is a great way to create a memorable time for guests. Your monogram can be displayed on plasma/LED screens throughout the event, printed on dinnerware and linen, projected onto large walls, or on a backdrop for a photo opportunity. You might even consider using monograms on take-home gifts for your guests to really make it a lasting image!

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Kids at Party The event-planning pros here at Creative Event Services have successfully planned and orchestrated events for clients all over the areas of Boston, Hartford, and New York. We know that event planning is stressful, time-consuming, and difficult; therefore, we ask that our clients simply give us their vision, approve plans, and enjoy the evening we help them create. Bringing clients dreams to life in a fantastically memorable event is what keeps our passion alive for event planning, and the furniture options we provide are vast. When it comes to elegance and function, we believe that there should be no sacrifices made, which is why we only utilize top-quality materials and furniture for our events. For information on how we can help your special event come to life more easily, look over our website and/or contact us directly.


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