Awesome Photo Booth Rentals for Corporate Events in Boston

Boston is the busiest city in Massachusetts; the city is alive with businesses and culture abound. Planning an outstanding party or a corporate event in Boston can prove to be difficult unless you have the proper connections. There are many different facets to event planning that one must consider, but perhaps one of the most important aspects are methods of guest entertainment. The typical slideshow in the background playing to a track of 80s ballads is great, but it takes a little more effort to make an event a memorable, fun experience. Recently adopted trends in event planning are giving party planners special ways to make their events stand out, and nothing is more fun than a photo booth. Corporate events can have the reputation of being stuffy and boring—not anymore! If you are planning a corporate event in the city, you may want to consider lightening the mood a bit by bringing in a photo booth. They are a fun, affordable way to make your event full of life and laughter, and make the night a memorable one.

Photo booths allow everyone to let down their guard and get a little silly. At a corporate event it’s all about making connections and taking the members out of their typical work façade, allowing them to get to know each other on a more personal level. What better way to accomplish this than utilize the most current, forward-thinking event planning entertainment solutions? In addition to other rentals like casino gaming tables (equipped with staff dealers) and slot machines, photo booths take your event to a different level of luxury and thoughtfulness. An event that transfers people into a different setting where a more personal experience can take place, like a casino night for instance is often just what a corporate event needs to help their associates get more comfortable with one another.

Photo booths are not only a great source of entertainment for events, but they also provide your guests with souvenirs that will last a lifetime. The memorable moments that photo booths capture often live in scrapbooks, front-and-center on refrigerator doors, and in photo albums for decades to come—this interactive entertainment option offers so much more than a simple activity at a party. Additionally, photo booths appeal to individuals of all ages; corporate events are often comprised of a wide array of ages, and photo booths will provide entertainment for them all.

Photo booth rentals come in a variety of forms:

Perhaps most luxurious, Super Booths are the newest addition to photo booth rental phenomena. They are fully interactive, where a virtual photographer of your choice has what feels like a miniature photo shoot. The glamorous experience of true celebrity comes across in these booths, and every guest will take home a large, 6×8 photo printout of the memorable moments captured.

Currently famous in event planning, the Selfie Mirror Booth is another interactive way to get your guests to let their guards down and have a little fun. The advanced technology that the mirror utilizes is driven by touch-screen technology; you can touch the mirror for a photo, choose settings, and even draw on the mirror!

Boston’s biggest Bar/Bat Mitzvah and wedding trend is here: InstaPhoto. Photo booths are a different form of fun, InstaPhoto allows your guests to take the pictures themselves, hash tag the picture, and have it immediately printed as a souvenir!

If you are considering fun ways to make your party the life of Boston for a night, look no further. Creative Event Services Inc. provides unique ways to make parties and events memorable and special for Boston locals, corporations, and private event planners. At a more affordable cost, we can help equip you with other forms of entertainment beyond our exceptional selection of photo booth options. Whether you have a themed party like a casino or sports night, need a hi-tech virtual reality experience, need help with video production, or simply want to adorn your event with an array of party favors, we at Creative Event Services aim to satisfy the party animal inside of you and bring it out of your guests. To learn more about our exceptional staff and event options, explore our website and contact our office for more information.


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