Performances That Make Casino Night Parties So Special

Party planning is a way to let your creativity shine, and it allows others to enjoy a transformative night out. Themed parties are fun for all ages, and they can be tailored to your own unique style and wishes. Furniture, games, and decorations are excellent ways to make your party special; however, one element that party planners often overlook is live entertainment. Live performances capture your audience and offer fun opportunities to involve everyone in the fun. One themed party that practically begs for professional performers is a Vegas casino night. Casino night parties are especially exciting when you have the right entertainers performing that lend perfectly to the motif. Sticking with the casino theme, there are plenty of performance options to choose from. Depending on the size of your party, you could even engage your audience with multiple performances. Here are some of the performers that would add to the entertainment of a Vegas-themed casino night.

Casino Night Party


Add to the magic of casino night with card tricks and disappearing acts that will transport you right into the heart of Las Vegas for the evening. For the younger or older crowds, magicians are timeless for any event—but especially perfect for a casino-inspired night out. Magicians are a great form of entertainment for every guest, and they add mystery and excitement to the evening. Let Vegas-style performing come to you!

Cigar rollers

Want to add some extra refinement and luxury to your casino night? Professional cigar rollers can add an element of adult fun and keep the event classy. Staying true to the Sinatra vibe of old-time Vegas-inspired entertainment, hand-rolled cigars transport your guests into another time-period. Hand-rolled cigars are great take-home gifts for your guests, and they’re perfect to enjoy in a specially dedicated cigar room throughout the evening.


If you are looking for a breathtaking adventure for your guests that adds excitement beyond a few ongoing entertaining acts, professional acrobats will wow and shock everyone in attendance. People will stop in wonder at these limber, sky-high performers and their acrobatic abilities. Perfect for a unique and awesome photo opportunity, you can bring the adventure of Las Vegas right into your own party!

Vegas Showgirls

No Vegas-themed event is complete without Vegas showgirls. Yet another way to add luxury to your event, as well as entertainment, these Las Vegas Showgirls are also talented and exciting to watch. Have these lovely ladies greet your guests at the door or walk around the event throughout the evening interacting with guests to make casino night extra special.


One of the quintessential Vegas performances, comedic acts allow guests to let loose and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Laughter is the greatest gift of all, and your casino-themed party wouldn’t be complete without a comedic act to keep the night light-hearted and joyful—even if you’re losing at the tables!


Are you a fan of the old-town Vegas motif? Hire a professional pianist to play some Sinatra tunes that will get your guests singing, dancing, and shouting “encore!” Music and entertainment rolled into one, your guests will appreciate the atmosphere that a professional pianist creates. Fast or slow, loud or soft, a pianist adds to the ambiance of the entire night, start to finish. With true talent at his fingertips, this pianist will knock the gambling chips out of your guests’ laps.

Creative Event Services

Magicians at Casino Night At Creative Event Services, we appreciate true talent and entertainment—and so do our clients. We look for performers and talented entertainers who will add luxury and elegance to themed parties, or any event for that matter. Whatever your party calls for, we have it. In the areas of Boston, Hartford, and New York, the talent is overflowing—and we have all the connections! The performing talent doesn’t end at casino-inspired entertainment; we also contract with jugglers, celebrities, tarot card readers, psychics, impersonators, and some of the most highly-sought-after local performers in the area. To learn more about the different performers we book for events or for any event-related questions, contact us directly. We look forward to making your event as special as you imagine it to be.


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