Keep Kids Happy at Your Hartford Party with a Giant Slide

Party planning is an artform that takes a great deal of forethought and consideration, particularly when it comes to entertainment. One of the most difficult tasks planners face is providing entertainment that appeals to the range of differently-aged individuals at the event. For instance, if you plan to have young children at your event, it’s important to consider ways to keep the party entertaining for them so adults can enjoy themselves as well.

Little Girl Sliding

From balloon artists to child performers, there certainly are a number of ways to keep kids engaged at a party. One of the best ways to ensure children are kept entertained is through physical activity; the more active you keep the kids, the more likely they are to remain happy and go home with great, lasting memories. A classic and fun way to keep kids active at an event is with the Giant Slide – even adults will love it! In this article, we’ll discuss how having the Giant Slide at your next Hartford event can make it more of a success all around.

Appealing to All

Giant Slides are a great way to not only keep kids entertained and engaged all evening but are also the perfect opportunity to promoting a fun activity for parents and adults as well. Instantly transporting us into childhood once again, the Giant Slide is an exciting activity for guests of all ages to participate in. Tapping into that innocence of childhood is the perfect way to get your guests in the party spirit.

Adding to the Party Atmosphere

It’s not everyday you get to go down a Giant Slide, which is why having one at your Hartford party will help set your event apart from others in the area. The large slide creates the perfect party spectacle where guests tend to gather and marvel at the grandness of the activity together.

The Perfect Photo Opportunity

One of the most important aspects of a successful party is the opportunities for memories that it creates. In order to be memorable, successful events always utilize a “wow factor,” which the Giant Slide certainly will create. Since guests of all ages can participate in the activity, it’s common for the Giant Slide to be the central hub of your event, where guests can take plenty of pictures of family and friends having fun together. You can even hire a professional to take pictures all evening and hand them out as party favors!

Creating Memories with Family and Friends

Parties and events aren’t successful unless they create memories. Along with the Giant Slide being a perfect photo opportunity for your guests, you want to leave them with a lasting impression that will have them bragging to others about how exciting and entertaining your event was. In fact, all the residents of Hartford will be talking about how much fun they had.

A Practical Party Activity

Lastly, the Giant Slide is a practical way to keep kids entertained so that adults can enjoy themselves as well, perhaps having a night out without having to find a sitter for the evening. Often parties are successful when different age groups of individuals can leave having had a great time separately or together, and parents often wish their kids could come to the same events they attend. Usually, keeping the kids happy means that parents will also be happy, so it’s a win-win for all.

A Safe Way to Have Fun

If you choose to have a Giant Slide at your next Hartford event, rest easy knowing you can hire an attendant to monitor the slide and your party-goers throughout the party. It’s an added way to ensure that adults can continue to enjoy themselves without worrying if their kids are safe.

The Options Available to You

If you’re interested in booking a Giant Slide for Giant Slide your next Hartford event, or another kid-friendly mode of entertainment, feel free to look over the Creative Event Services website for details or contact one of our helpful professionals who can offer you individualized options for your next event. We’ll work with you one-on-one to ensure that your next party is a complete success for all ages. As the leading party-planners in the Hartford, Connecticut area, we’ll take care of all the details so you can simply sit back and enjoy your party.


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