It’s the most wonderful time of the year…for your holiday themed party!

It’s that time of year again! Your entire office is feeling the holiday spirit and in need of a break from the mundane, so why not host a HOLIDAY PARTY? Whether it’s in a restaurant, ballroom or in your office conference room, here are some ideas that will add the extra touch to make your holiday party a truly fun and memorable event for all.

For all the event planners out there that read BizBash articles, we really like BizBash’s three biggest themes this year for holiday parties, Classic Holiday, Winter Wonderland, and Offbeat Bash. BizBash is a website that provides event planning news, ideas and resources. An example of the Holiday theme is The Nutcracker (think very tall Christmas tree, human toy soldiers, dancing ballerinas, presents everywhere). For the Winter Wonderland theme, using ideas from the recently released movie Frozen would make any venue into a Winter Wonderland. According to James Lewis Wark in his article “Holiday party Ideas 2014: Offbeat Bash”, “This year is all about breaking outside of the norm and pushing the limits, yet still having a sophisticated feel.”

Here at Creative Event Services we have seven unique examples of themed holiday parties, including Holiday Casino Party, Let It Snow Winter Theme, Magical Holiday Reception, Holiday Lights, Holiday Cocktail Reception, Holiday Dance Party, and Holiday Game Room Party. Learn more at our website:

One of our popular holiday products is the CD Recording Booth. Incorporate a CD Recording Booth into your Holiday party by picking your favorite holiday songs and sing along as it’s being recorded! Guests receive a CD of their top 5 performances, it’s great for all ages and it brings back memories from an amazing event!

Dance Heads Digital Graffiti Wall

Dance Heads are all the rave now too. Participants’ heads are superimposed on dancers’ bodies as they sing to the greatest pop songs with animated backgrounds. This is an easy activity for breaking the ice at a corporate event and making lots of laughs.

The Digital Graffiti Wall allows guests to use some creativity in digitally spray painting words or designs on photos, and they can choose from a selection of holiday stamps and stickers to design silly holiday photos, either individually or in groups. Check out the digital graffiti wall in action:

Looking for small winter themed favors for guests? Guests’ photos can be printed onto funny frames, magnets, key chains, liquid photo clips, mouse pads, t-shirts, bobble head dolls, snowglobes, mugs, or lucite frames.

Snow Globes

Holiday parties aren’t just for corporate offices either. College campuses benefit from holiday parties. They can ease the stress during end of the semester and final exam time and bring the community together for clubs, sports teams, academic departments, alumni associations or any campus organization. As a member of the National Association for Campus Activities, Creative Event Services offers special deals and discounts for colleges. We can also do block bookings if there are multiple events being requested during a semester or academic year.

The holidays are a special time to get together with coworkers, colleagues, friends and family to show appreciation for one another and be a part of a fun tradition. Holiday parties are known to boost morale in any environment (closer friendships, better office culture, improved team building and increased productivity).

Book your holiday themed event with CES now and we’ll be sure to make your holiday season a memorable one! With our huge assortment of quality products and services, and our professional and efficient staff, you and your guests will not be disappointed.

Karin Henricksen
Event Specialist/ College Outreach Representative


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