Advantages of Hiring a Caricature Artist for Your Corporate Event in Boston

Nothing says “fun” quite like a caricature. The exaggerated features and almost scary resemblance to real life make these beauties priceless. We’re accustomed to seeing caricature artists at county fairs or amusement parks. However, more artists are expanding their clientele to the private party sector. Almost like a freelance-vendor relationship, these artists are setting up shop in home and event spaces throughout the country.

Caricature Artist at Corporate Event

Guest enjoy this unique take on entertainment because it’s different. A majority of events have the traditional photo booth or company product-branded candy bars. While those are all awesome options, guests are craving something different.

Now, with freelance caricature artists, you no longer have to endure long, hot days at the carnival to get your picture drawn. You can find the best artist for your unique event right from the comfort of your own home.

Countless anniversary, birthday, or “just because” parties are capitalizing off of this new trend so much so that its popularity has transcended to the corporate world. Many businesses across the nation are adding caricatures to their list of entertainment options.

If you’re wanting to try out this new wave of fun, check out the many benefits of hiring a caricature artist at your next corporate event.

Boosts Morale

Let’s face it, work is one of the last places people want to go. When deadlines go unmet, personalities collide and power struggles ensue, it’s easy for the work-climate to become tense. Giving your corporate event an element of fun is the best way to release tension and get people laughing.

Guests can laugh at the results of their drawing, pointing out funny features and out of this world enhancements. This is a great way to get your staff talking about the office parties for years on end.

It Gets People Talking

The work environment can be a bit tense, especially when there’s a big push or deadline. Often times, this leaves little room for association. In addition, individuals who work in a bigger office may find it hard to mingle with those of different teams.

However, caricature artists know how to get people together for a fun photo. One way to get people together is to encourage each caricature to be drawn of two or more individuals. This is a great way to get people together and encourage communication. By pairing former strangers together, workmates are able to associate with those they’ve never met before. This not only boosts morale, but this also helps coworkers make possible forever-friends.

It Shows Your Appreciation

Your staff goes above and beyond for your business on a consistent basis. Show them your appreciation by going above and beyond for them! Caricature artists are unique and fun. As soon as your guests see the unique set up, they’ll sense your appreciation.

In addition, hiring a caricature artist is a great way for your staff to take a little piece of the party with them. They’ll always have something to remind them of the appreciation you showed for the hard work they accomplished.

Caricature Artists are Budget-Friendly

You want to make your corporate event special. However, sometimes the budget doesn’t leave room for expensive festivities. Fortunately, caricature artists are reasonably priced. Often times, they offer special discounts for corporate events in particular.

In addition, you don’t have to do much planning with regards to their arrival. Simply direct the artist where to set up and they’ll handle the rest. This gives you more time to focus on hosting other aspects of your event.

It’s Good for Intimate Events

If you’re wanting to host an event for just your team, hiring a caricature artist is perfect. Since each portrait takes a bit of time, this gives your guests a great opportunity to communicate and enjoy each other’s company. If you’re hosting an event with less than 75 guests, this is a perfect choice.

Hiring a Caricature Artist

There are dozens of online platforms that host talented artists across the country. Since the popularity of this activity is ever growing, there are several to choose from.

Instead of booking blindly, go through the Caricature Artist experts of Create Event Services. We provide connections to skilled artists all across the Boston, Hartford, and New York areas. With our help, your event will be one to be remembered.


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