8 Unique Ways To Enthrall the Guests at Your Party

Planning any event is no easy task, let alone planning an event that is memorable and enthralling to the guests at your party. There are many different aspects and considerations when it comes to event planning, and without professional help it can seem intensely overwhelming. First, it’s best to begin with a list assessing all the basics of the planning process—after all, these are the opportunities you have to make your own event unique and memorable for your guests. If you’re planning an event and you’re stuck, here are 8 unique ways to enthrall the guests at your party:

Red Carpet Themed Event

1. A Theme to Dress for

Planning a successful event often begins with a theme—this can help guide your other choices as far as entertainment, activities, décor, and food. But, it can also give guests an opportunity to dress up in costumes or in their finest ball gown. Whether it’s a carnival or red carpet theme, your guests can have a blast just picking out what to wear!

2. Live Entertainment

Keeping your guests sufficiently entertained is a must. You might consider hiring a live band, a DJ, entertaining acts such as trapeze artists, jugglers, or magicians, or live comedians. You can also choose to hire an act that goes along with your event theme, which may narrow down your choices a bit.

3. Decorations

The decorations you choose for your event will depend on any theme you choose. For instance, for a red carpet night, you’ll want to include an actual red carpet, and maybe a backdrop for guests to have their picture taken. Whatever decorations you choose, it’s most important to immerse your guests in an experience for an evening.

4. Activities for All Ages

Your event might be for adults, it might be for children, or it could be for guests of all ages. Whoever is coming to your event will help guide your choices in activities, and remember to keep the theme in mind. For instance, for sports themed events you might choose to have several different gaming options for guests to compete in a sport of their choice.

5. Exceptional Food

Picking the right food for your event can be tricky, but can be made a lot simpler with the help of a professional catering company. You have enough to plan for your event, and worrying about cooking all the food can be overwhelming. Choosing food that will fit your theme is another helpful idea. For example, easy-to-eat food for carnival themed events or an elegant sit-down meal for a red carpet evening might be appropriate.

6. Unique Party Favors

To create a memorable, enthralling experience for your guests, it’s important to send them home with a favor of some kind. Many activities and games involve a printout or keepsake for guests to take home, or you might hire an airbrush artist to make unique, customized creations for each guest.

7. Create an Atmosphere

Everything we’ve mentioned up to this point is helping to create the overall atmosphere of your event. Decorations, party favors, activities, entertainment, and food all contribute to the feeling your guests will get as they enter and leave your event. You may also consider adding to the environment with special lighting, monograms, or LED displays.

8. Hire a Professional Planning Service

In order to create a fun, seamless, and successful event, it helps to have professionals on your side. Event planning can be overwhelming for most people, but with the right help the process of planning can be just as fun and memorable as the actual party. Whether you’re planning a bar or bat mitzvah, an anniversary party, a sports event, a birthday party, or a lavish dinner, it’s important to remember your goal: creating a memorable evening that will enthrall your guests.

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Easy to Eat Foods The expert event planners here at Creative Event Services have planned countless successful events in the areas of Boston, Hartford, and New York, giving us a wide range of invaluable experience and knowledge in the industry. We make event planning simple and fun, and it’s always our goal to relieve our clients of burden and stress associated with the planning process. If you’d like more ideas on how to make your event stand out from the rest, please call one of our helpful professionals to learn about our event planning services.


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