7 Myths About the Ways to Organize a Casino Party in New York

Casino parties are a ton of fun for everyone. Organizing and hosting one is also fun, if you have the knowledge to host one. You may be looking to surprise your coworkers or a group of friends with a casino night, but you are not sure where to get started. The details are initially overwhelming, and it does not help that certain myths make it harder to plan for. Don’t worry. We have you covered. Let’s go over seven myths about organizing a casino party and how you can successfully host one.

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Myth #1: Casino Parties are Illegal

It is easy to see how people could think so. After all, some states don’t take too kindly to gambling. However, New York is not one of those states. In recent years, laws banning gambling and casinos have been overturned. It is now legal to throw these parties if you are a legitimate charitable organization. You may be looking to throw a casino party as a means for fundraising a project. If you are a certified charity, you can now do just that.

It is also now legal in New York state if you are hosting a casino party privately or socially. This means that if you are doing so casually, to entertain your friends every now and then or for a annual party, you are safe. If you are reading this, this is the likely reason you are organizing a casino party.

Myth #2: You Need a Lot of Guests

When you think of casinos, you think of thousands of people milling around at different tables and trying their luck with slot machines. That thought alone might make you reluctant to start planning. The truth is that you don’t need quite as many people to still have a fun time. We recommend inviting at least 30 people to your casino party, but any more or less is up to you.

Myth #3: You Have to Book a Fancy Venue

The truth is that you should spend your time and money on the details of the party, not the prestige of the place hosting it. You do not need a fancy ballroom in a hotel for your casino night. You can book a warehouse, an office building, or a modest banquet hall. Really, anything venue is fine as long as you have space and the electricity for all those slot machines!

Myth #4: Casino Parties Only Have One Theme

Many people feel restricted by casino parties because the themes seem limited. You may be thinking, “If I’ve been to one, I’ve been to them all.” This is another myth that needs to be squashed. You can choose from a variety of themes. For example, you could choose:

  • Vintage charm: In the 1940s, showgirls became popular performers in Las Vegas Your casino night could focus more on them and traditional gambling games like blackjack, rather than the more modern electronic chance machines.
  • Gangster cool: Many mob bosses, most notably Bugsy Siegel, owned illegal gambling rings. Put on your pinstripe suits, pop out the cigars, and party like a mobster!
  • Alice in Wonderland meets Las Vegas: This isn’t quite as difficult to pull off as you may think. Using simple decorations like giant cards and giant dice can make your guests feel like they went down the rabbit-hole.

Myth #5: All Good Casino Parties are Expensive

Anyone who tells you this is either trying to rip you off or show off their own wealth. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to make your casino night fun for all. Focus on a couple of areas you really want to splurge on and spend the rest of the budget how you see fit.

If you want slot machines and card tables, plan on getting those before thinking about performers. If you need a lot of staff, be more frugal with your decoration budget than you may have before.

Myth #6: You Have to Buy Every Item

If you bought everything you were using for your party, where would you store it all when you were done? You absolutely do not need to permanently purchase anything. Instead, you simply rent what you need and return it. This will keep your apartment from looking like the storage room of a hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.

Myth #7: Everyone Needs to Know the Game

While organizing your casino party, you may panic because you realize that the people you are inviting don’t know how to play most of these games. Don’t fret. The dealers you hire will explain how the game works to people who haven’t already perfected their poker face.

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We Will Help You Host

The best way to organize your casino party is to talk to someone who knows about hosting stellar parties and put your trust in the hands of professionals. That is why Creative Event Services is here to help. We have been partying for decades, and we’ll help you throw one that nobody will soon forget.

We are located in Boston, Hartford, and New York. If you’re ready to throw the best casino party anyone has ever seen, contact us at 1-888-794-9494 to get started.


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