Why Should You Opt for a Glow Photo Booth at Your Event?

Activities at events can make or break the overall success of a party. Activities not only give guests something to do at the event besides mingle, but also act as an icebreaker, dissolving awkward social barriers and providing subjects for meaningful interactions.

In this article we will look at one such activity, the Glow Booth, and learn why this could be a boon to your next event.

Glow Photo Booth

What is a Glow Booth?

At its heart, a Glow Booth is a photo booth with a difference. A Glow Booth is completely enclosed and features reflections that surround guests with infinite reflections. Inside the booth, guests have a variety of options to explore to create amazing and memorable snaps. Guests can wear black light props and can write on the walls with black light markers, meaning they can completely customise their photo booth experience.

The booth has a touch-screen which guests can interact. They can select animation or photograph options, which can then be customized to match the theme of your event.

When photos of animations are taken, guests will receive their images through text or email, meaning sharing their memories on social media is only a few clicks away.

At the end of the event, the organizers will receive a link to a gallery for their party, which includes all the photos that were taken during their celebration. This can then be used for multiple purposes, such as advertising for your next event or promoting the success of your party on social media.

Why a Glow Booth Makes an Excellent Event Activity

There are so many reasons why you should opt for a Glow Booth for your next event. We’ve listed some of the most popular reasons below:

1. Ideal for IT Events

As it is modern and uses technology for a great guest experience, a Glow Booth fits in perfectly with events for IT and other technology-based companies. The social media aspect works perfectly with IT events also.

2. Perfect for Influencers

Having a Glow Booth at your event can also be great for encouraging influencers to share their experience with their followers, thus promoting your brand, product, or services. Glow Booth will text or email photographs to guests, making it easy for guests to share their memories on social media.

3. Accessibility

As the Glow Booth doesn’t require great physical movement or activity, it makes a great option for events. Catering to individuals of multiple ability levels, the booth is easy to access and will ensure that no one leaves your event feeling left out.

4. Suits a Variety of Different Themes

Not only does a Glow Booth suit retro-inspired events with its black light elements, but since you can select the props and the animations the Glow Booth uses, you can tailor the Glow Booth to your events specific theme, making your entire event cohesive and smart.

5. Something Different

A blow booth is quite a recent innovation in the events industry. It is sure to liven up your next party by exciting your guests with something new as opposed to the usual event offerings, such as inflatable games or bucking broncos. It is for also for this reason that featuring a Glow Booth on your event advertisements can help increase event attendance. At the end of the event, you’ll also receive a gallery of photographs taken in the events duration, which will look great on any events website.

6. Make Memories

The Glow Booth is a great option for family events or parties. At the end of the celebration you’ll have a gallery of brilliant, fun, and memorable shots that you can share with friends and family and look back on years later.

A Booth with a Difference

Overall, the Glow Booth offers a totally new take on the classic photo booth, ensuring you and your guests will be entertained event long.

If you live in, or are planning to host Infinity Booth your event in or around Boston, Hartford, or New York and are looking to add a Glow Booth to your event, make Creative Event Services your first port of call or booth hire. With top quality booths to rent, as well as a whole host of other great event options, you’re almost guaranteed to curate an event that will be memorable for all the right reasons.


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