Trivia Squares: (Hollywood Squares)

A fun take of the popular Hollywood squares format Trivia Squares Turns Tic Tac Toe into a Fun Trivia Game. Supports 2 To 3 Players w/ 3×3, 4×4, & 5×5 Boards. We offer 3 Modes w/24 Different Virtual on-screen Game Show backdrops. Challenge Mode: No Questions Appear, Player 1 Can Either Answer A Question from The Host, Agree/Disagrees with Answers from A Group, Or Preforms A Physical Challenge to Earn A Position on The Grid. After Player 1 Is Done Focus Advances onto The Next Player. Challenge Mode B: Like Challenge Mode A, Except Focus Stays on A Player or Team Answers Incorrectly. Trivia Mode A: Question Appears on Board and Each Player Takes Turns Round Robin Style. After Each Correct or Incorrect Answer Focus Changes to The Next Player or Team. Trivia Mode B: (Primary Mode) Questions Appear and The First Person to Buzz in And Answer Correctly Earns A Position on The Grid.


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