Team Building

Team Building and Custom Programs for Companies
Game Shows that build strong foundations. Corporate trainers and instructors have long known that team building games are an effective teaching tool. Our professional game show systems are designed to take that concept to the ultimate level. As soon as they enter the room, your employees and staff will be impressed with the visual excitement our game show set brings to your event. Our trivia shows and team challenges are designed to promote communication, energize teams, stimulate problem solving and build morale.

Employee Training and Education
We offer multiple game show formats that are specifically designed for employee training. Our game show hosts are all experienced presenters and instructors and can offer suggestions about the pros and cons of each game format. We can also assist you with the best way to write customized trivia questions about your company’s policies, products, and workplace procedures. Equally important, we can identify things to avoid, to ensure that your trivia questions are presented flawlessly at the event.

Our game shows have also proven to be effective tools that allow you to see areas of weakness and identify topics for future training.

Building Brand Awareness
We can create a personalized game show that enhances brand awareness to your clients, in a space as small as 8′ x 8′. This can be done in a variety of ways:

We can create game show “sets” with custom printed signs, facades, and screen graphics.

Adding your company name and logo to our game show applications.

Customized trivia about your companies or products and services.

Custom prizes packages
Call our experienced game show consultants today to learn more about how we can incorporate our game shows into your event.

Company Retreats (Add a New Twist to the Same Old Routine)
Are you looking for something different or unique to energize your company? Our game shows are designed to build morale and strengthen teamwork. We can use our stock pop culture trivia, or the trivia can be customized around your company’s products – or a combination of both!

Looking for a New Way to Showcase a Product or Service?
Our experienced game show event planners can provide you with ideas and suggestions to incorporate your products and services into a game show format.

Meetings & Seminars
Many of our clients book our game show production services to treat their staff to something special. Our game show sets are visually exciting, with the look and feel of a real TV game show. They are effective tools that will build camaraderie and foster team spirit and collaboration.


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