Is 3D Photos the Next Big Thing in Parties?

So, you’ve got the food, the band, the furniture, and the music; but the task that often escapes us during the party planning process is finding adequate entertainment and special party favors. Figuring out how to entertain your guests all evening, especially if you have a mixed crowd of individuals of different ages, can prove to be a difficult job. However, party planning these days has become elevated to include fun, unique, and engaging activities for guests that also include a favor for them to take home! What better way to involve fun and entertainment while giving guests a keepsake to remember the evening by?

Party Guests Taking Photo

3D photos have been taking the world by storm lately, especially in the party planning industry. In this article we’ll talk about the new trend of 3D photos that is taking the party planning industry by storm, the benefits of having them at your party, and how you can incorporate them into your next event.

The Benefits of 3D Photos at Your Event

As we mentioned before, it’s cost-effective and easiest to implement strategies for guest entertainment that also involve giving guests something they can remember the evening by. 3D photos are a perfect way to keep your guests engaged, entertained, and excited all evening—no matter their age! Here are a few of the benefits of 3D photos at your next big party:

More Realistic

It’s nice to have any picture to remember a special event or party by—but having a more realistic representation of the evening is even more special. 3D photos offer guests the chance to really remember what they wore, how they felt, and who they were with during the party, giving them an even more memorable portrayal of a special moment they’ll cherish forever.

Artistic Freedom

A 3D photo on its own is impressive; however, we enable our clients to create a customized 3D photo with their own decorative touches, filters, phrases…you name it, we’ve got it! Simply take the picture, choose the overlay graphics, and print it. The 3D print doesn’t require any special glasses, just a picture frame and a place to display it.

Unique Memorabilia

Photo opportunities are everywhere you look at events like bar or bat mitzvahs, sweet 16s, holiday parties, or themed events. But rarely do guests get the opportunity to have their moments captured in a 3D photo. 3D pictures are unique forms of memorabilia, but are current with today’s digital trends.

Perfect for All Ages and Events

We’ve said it a few times, but we’ll say it again—3D photos will be appreciated by your guests, no matter what age or size. It’s a fun, interactive activity that gets guests collaborating and enjoying each other’s company while creating a fun, memorable keepsake together. You can even have the same photo printed again with a different overlay for each guest!

Keep Guests Entertained, Engaged, and Enthralled

3D photos might be the next big thing in party planning, as they’re a fun, different way to capture the spirit of the evening, allowing guests to enjoy themselves even more and remember the event fondly. You don’t need any special glasses to appreciate the 3D effect in these photos; just put it in a frame or in a photo album for display, or upload it straight to social media to show off. 3D photos are a way to keep guests entertained and engaged throughout the evening, but also to create a lasting memory of a special evening.

How We Can Elevate Your Party Planning Approach

Here at Creative Event Services, we know how stressful it can be feeling 3D Photos the pressure of planning a successful event, and we make it our mission to relieve that pressure for each of our clients. In the areas of Boston, Hartford, and New York, party planning can be especially complicated and competitive. Creative Event Services offers the most current, state-of-the-art technological trends in party planning entertainment, and will make the planning process much simpler for you. Along with 3D photos, we also provide other captivating party rentals that are perfect for themed events including sports parties, red carpet events, or casino nights. To learn more about our services and rentals, please look over our website or contact one of our helpful professionals directly.


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