How Our Virtual Immersitron Can Amplify Your Next Event

Coming up with fun and creative activities for your party or event guests isn’t always an easy task. Fortunately, recent developments in technology have allowed for much more creativity and fun in event activities and features, wowing guests with games and entertainment that will keep them talking for years to come.

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Here at Creative Event Services, one of our event attractions that has grown significantly in popularity is the Virtual Immersitron. This event feature highlights some of the most cutting-edge technology in the event-planning industry and offers guests a unique experience that not all party-throwers think of. In this blog, we’ll go over what the Virtual Immersitron is and how it can add fun and uniqueness to your own event!

The truth about technology-based games

Let’s face it – these days, technologically based games and party attractions are the future of the event industry; the old gold standard games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Bingo are no longer necessary or sufficient for event entertainment. Digital and technologically based party attractions offer guests a customizable and engaging experience, often one that they can take home with them when they’re finished in the form of a short video clip, a slow motion picture, or an emailed photograph to add to their social media feed. Technology is the future, and when it comes to special events or parties, attractions such as the Virtual Immersitron are excellent ways to keep your events relevant and standing out from the rest.

What is our Virtual Immersitron and how does it work?

Creative Event Services’ Virtual Immersitron is an engaging party and event feature that has taken off in recent years. Here’s how it works: using Chroma key technology, your party guests become superimposed on a screen with a background of their choice. The guest(s) stand in front of a green screen and a background such as a football stadium, a beach scene, or a hockey game is placed over the green screen. The technology is similar to that of some of the most famous movies of today. Your guests can now actually be a part of the game or scene! Though it’s a simple concept, you’ll be surprised at how much enjoyment and laughter this party attraction brings to your guests.

Events this feature might be best for

The great thing about the Virtual Immersitron is that it is highly customizable and adaptable, making it acceptable for a wide range of guests – from the younger crowd to the established older crowd. Furthermore, this feature isn’t just great for adults, but it’s perfect for children too! Here are jut a few of the events that you’ll find our Virtual Immersitron at this year:

Corporate events

A great way to break the ice and learn more about your colleagues and peers, the Virtual Immersitron gets guests buzzing and chatting together.

Birthday parties

Birthday parties for individuals of all ages are a perfect occasion for the Virtual Immersitron – now parents and kids can enjoy the same activity together!

Bar/bat mitzvahs

These occasions and rites of passages deserve a special feature to kick them up a notch and make them especially memorable. The Virtual Immersitron will certainly make this occasion one for the books.

Themed events

Events that embody themes are also a great opportunity to enlist the fun of the Virtual Immersitron. If your event is sports-themed, you’ll especially enjoy how well the sports themes and backgrounds in the feature go well with the theme of your party!

Chroma Key Technology Event planning takes skill, creativity, and a sense of adventure – since the Virtual Immersitron is a relatively new creation and party activity, it’s a good time to book this feature for your next event or party. Here at Creative Event Services, we have helped successfully plan events from all over the areas of Boston, Hartford, and New York using the Virtual Immersitron as one of our key features to make our events stand out. If you’re in the midst of planning a party, we know how much stress it can bring – please don’t hesitate to contact one of our helpful professionals to take some of the pressure off and ensure that your event is a complete success.


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