How Can You Prepare a Rocking College Event?

College life is all about working hard and playing hard. When you’re done with a semester of tough schoolwork, blowing off some steam at a fun college event in the afternoon or evening is the perfect way to end a long stretch of studying. Although, the last thing you want to do is add more stress by planning an extravagant event on your own. Delegating the responsibility of preparing an event to a professional event planner is the perfect way to wind up with a rocking college event without any of the stress or hassle. In addition to planning and organizing the entire event, here’s what some of the pros at Creative Event Services can offer their college clients:

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DJ’s and Live Music

No one wants to deal with putting together a music playlist, playing the right songs at the right time, or worry about keeping the party going with streaming tunes. Hiring an experienced, talented DJ or a live band to entertain the entire night is the perfect way to keep the crowd on their feet, dancing or singing the night away. Otherwise, the silence can be deafening, and even worse, make for a boring party.

Sports Games

College life is often synonymous with sports—in fact, a majority of college-goers are avid sports fans, especially if the college is well known for their sports teams. One of the best ways to spark competitiveness in your guests is to have a range of sports games in which they can all play with or against each other. Shooting hoops, or playing a round of digital golf or football will put your guests sports skills to the test.

Casino Nights

Another way to add some fun competition to the evening, or add an entire theme to the event itself, is to go with a “Casino Night” full of all kinds of traditional Vegas fun. You can even have live entertainment like Vegas showgirls to complete the overall feel of the event! A Casino night can require your guests to dress up if they’d like to, or it can be more casual fun—either way, it’s the perfect night of adult fun that all the college-goers could use after a tough week of finals or studying.

Red Carpet Theme

The red carpet theme is the perfect opportunity for your guests to go out for a night feeling like a celebrity. When they arrive, they will walk the red carpet, have their pictures taken, and be given star treatment for the evening. This theme allows room for plenty of creativity, and you can even combine it with a “Casino Night” theme to make for an extra special evening of adult, high-class fun.

Caricature Artists

Having a caricature artist at your college event night is a fun way to get guests laughing, to support a local artist, and to give your guests a gift that will make the night even more memorable. Most people frame their caricature drawings and keep them forever, and it will be serve as a nostalgic time capsule to look back on those fun “college days.”

Selfie Mirror Booth

Perfectly aligned with the digital age, this party attraction is a hit for all ages. The selfie mirror booth is pure fun for guests; it provides an interactive element to a party that all the guests will leave raving about. Utilizing the most advanced photo booth technology out there today, the selfie booth looks just like a posh mirror, but you can take pictures with it, write messages on it, and it will even compliment your guests! They can even print the photo and take it with them as a souvenir!

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How We Can Help

The professional planners at Creative Event Services have endless experience in event planning and organization. Planning exceptional events for the areas of Boston, Hartford, and New York, NY, we have loads of helpful connections as well as our own network of entertainers, artists, musicians, and a stock of incredible party games, luxury furniture, themed additions, and endless options for different types of events. For more information about how we can help you prepare a rocking college event, contact us directly. We look forward to making your event a stand-out blast!


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