Host an Elegant Party by Organizing a Catch the Light Event

Arcade games are classic, timeless, and loved by both young and old. The youthful fun they bring transports us back to our childhood. When we indulge in the excitement of their blinking lights, funky sound effects, and entertaining graphics, we are immediately reminded of meeting our friends for Friday night fun at the arcade down the street. Arcade games are pieces of Americana, just as much as the jukebox or the drive-in theater. So why not bring some of that nostalgia to your next party?

Catch the Light Event

Our Catch the Light game features all the fun of those classic arcade games you played as a kid but with a modern twist that is sure to impress and amuse all of your guests, no matter their age. It requires speed, wit, and attention, and once you start, the challenge of Catch the Light becomes addictive. In this article, we will discuss the reasons why your next party should definitely be a Catch the Light event.

A Great Party Theme

Parties are almost always better when they have themes. Not only does a theme provide purpose and structure to your event, but it also makes your party unique and intriguing to your guests. Nothing says unique and intriguing quite like Catch the Light, a newer phenomenon in both the gaming and now the party world. By choosing to feature Catch the Light as the focus of your event, the options are endless in regard to the other important aspects of planning your party such as the decor, food, and activities.

How It Works

Catch the Light has a very simple objective: to press buttons whenever and wherever they light up on the gaming machine. It tests speed, agility, accuracy, and concentration. One of the great things about Catch the Light is that players have the option to either play on their own or with a friend. This opens up a world of possibilities for you as the party host.

If you decide to rent several Catch the Light machines, you can turn your entire event into a fun and exciting competition that everyone will love. You can divide the guests into teams and face them off against each other. Even if you have a few people who would prefer to be spectators, they will still have a blast watching your very own Catch the Light tournament.

Good for All Ages

If you are looking for a party game that will unite all your guests together, kids and adults alike, then Catch the Light is perfect. The game’s concept is simple to understand and easy to pick up. Kids will love the bright, blinking colors and the excitement of the game. The adults will enjoy competing against themselves and other opponents for the highest score.

Catch the Light will break down any age barriers. Your guests will feel encouraged to interact with one another while they have some laughs and participate in some friendly rivalry. Everyone will be fighting for a chance to play Catch the Light at your next party.

A Memorable Experience

It is not often that you see arcade games featured at parties. By organizing a Catch the Light event, you’ll be giving your guests a distinct, special, and very memorable experience that they will want to talk about with all their friends and family. Your Catch the Light party will be so unique that your guests will probably never see anything like it again. As any party planner knows, making your party standout from all the rest is one of the most important goals of planning any event.

We Will Help

At Creative Events Services, our Catch the Light Game party-planning professionals know how important it is to design a party that will offer the perfect balance of enjoyable interaction and fun entertainment for all your guests. Whether you are organizing a Catch the Light event or a party with some other theme, we will work alongside you in helping you to plan a gathering that everyone will enjoy. If you are interested in booking Catch the Light and making your party the talk of the year, you can find more details on our website or contact us with any questions.

If you live in Boston, Hartford, or New York, let our party planners at Creative Events Services help you to organize the party of your dreams.


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