Get Competitive and Have Some Fun with the Pedestal Joust Challenge

So you’re a competitive person—that’s the spirit! At least, that’s the spirit you’ll need to get the most out of the exciting party feature, the Pedestal Joust Challenge. This fun game is exactly as the name implies: a joust challenge atop a pedestal! But don’t worry, this is a safe, hazard-free version of the exciting medieval ritual that all guests can participate in if they’re strong enough to hold their balance and a semi-heavy joust.

Pedestal Joust Challenge Winner

An old favorite, this game never goes out of style. Perfect for large, indoor arena-style parties in large indoor event spaces, or for outdoor parties in a park or large backyard. This game is about as competitive as it gets, as opponents face off one-on-one against each other—and there can only be one winner! If you’re interested in learning more about the Pedestal Joust Challenge, read further to learn how it works and what events it would be perfect for.

How it works

The point of the game is fairly simple—knock down your opponent and win. However, for a fair, safe experience, there are a few guidelines as to how the game should be played. First, the pedestal is set up with the right equipment by the professional event-planning service. It is a giant, inflatable platform that your party guests stand on top of two at a time to battle. Here’s how the game is played:

Gear up and get ready

Although the game is rather safe, guests who participate are fitted with a helmet to protect them in case they get knocked down. After opponents are both wearing their helmets, they climb atop the pedestal and get in place for the fun to begin.

Wait for the whistle

Nothing is truly fair without a whistle-start! Once opponents are safely atop the pedestal, they are handed their oversized jousts that are highly padded yet heavy enough to knock the other person down without causing any bodily harm. Now, all they have to do is wait for that whistle to blow.

Let the challenge begin

The objective of the game is to knock down your opponent before they knock you down. The game requires mild strength, balance, and skill, and depending on your opponent you might even want to make the battle a “best-out-of-three” scenario—sometimes one battle simply isn’t enough to determine who the true winner is!

Crown a winner

Again, whoever knocks down their opponent first and remains atop their pedestal wins the game. It’s simple, straight-forward fun. You can even have the successor challenge new opponents to see if they can keep their winning streak going!

The Pedestal Joust Challenge is fun for all

What’s great about this game is that it never goes out of style. All the technology in the world can’t replace good old-fashioned physical challenges, and guests appreciate the uniqueness of it. Even better, the Pedestal Joust Challenge meets the needs of all your guests, whether they play or not!

All ages enjoy it

The little ones might want to sit this one out, as it could be difficult to appropriately fit the helmet on their heads for safety, or they may not be able to lift the somewhat heavy joust. Nonetheless, little ones and older ones are never excluded from partaking in the fun of being in the crowd!

Exciting crowd pleaser

This one certainly makes the crowd go wild. Again, if your guests aren’t fit for the challenge, they will have just as much fun watching the action from the sidelines.

Bragging rights for competitive guests

Some guests are a little more competitive than others, and this game is perfect for them. Bragging rights can be held until the next event, when opponents can once again challenge the victor!

Ask us about the Pedestal Joust Challenge

Pedestal Joust Challenge Winner Declaration At Creative Event Services, we know that sometimes classics are the real crowd pleasers, and the Pedestal Joust Challenge never goes out of style. Our clients from the areas of Boston, Hartford, and New York have requested this party feature over and over throughout the years, and it still remains a client favorite—it’s even become an event tradition for some families, corporations, and individual party planners! To learn more about our services or specifically about the Pedestal Joust Challenge, please contact us directly!


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