Entertain the Children at Your Party With Basketball Frenzy

Events involving both adults and children can be a nightmare to plan. Parents often want the chance for some grown-up socialization, and kids want… well… to be kids! Without the correct range of activities in place, however, kids can become bored and antsy. The purpose or flow of your party can be entirely ruined with this imbalance of entertainment for both age groups.

In this article, we will take a look at a potential solution to your entertainment worries by using Basketball Frenzy. Let’s look at why renting this game for your party may be the perfect option to keep children entertained while adults have their fun.

Basketball Frenzy

What is Basketball Frenzy?

Basketball Frenzy is a super-sized take on the classic game Connect-4. In this game, 2 players face off, throwing basketballs in hoops which lead on the Connect-4 game board. The aim of the game is the same as Connect-4, to see which player will be the first to achieve 4 of their color basketballs in a row, be that horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

What makes Basketball Frenzy perfect entertainment for kids?

There are many reasons why Basketball Frenzy is perfect for keep kids entertained at parties. Listed below are some of the top benefits of the game system:

1. No Electric Hook Up

Depending on where you host your event, you may find your planning becomes limited by the number of sockets available for the games and equipment that might require electricity. This can leave a party space looking strange, with games all clustered around the nearest power points or lots of wires and extension cords leading to outdoor spaces. Basketball Frenzy doesn’t require electricity to operate and can be installed anywhere, allowing you to utilize the kid’s party room without depending on electricity.

2. Making Friends

For some children, busy parties or events can be stressful. They might not know anyone else attending, or they might not know how to approach other children without a bit of anxiety. Basketball Frenzy serves as a great icebreaker activity for children, allowing them to communicate easily with one another as get to know each other through game play.

3. Problem Solving

If you are a parent, you’ll know how important it is to infuse learning into as many activities as possible, even if the child doesn’t realize that’s what is occurring. Basketball Frenzy is great for encouraging a wide range of skills from social interaction to team working and also problem solving. In this game, children work together to try to outwit the other players.

4. Physical Activity

Basketball Frenzy is also a physically-active game, requiring children to shoot basketballs into hoops. This is great not only for physical health and raising skill levels, but it also helps children to burn off excess energy, reducing the risk of kids running riot at your event or party.

5. No Screens!

As mentioned, Basketball Frenzy has no electric hook up and no screens. This is great for parents of 21st century kids, who seem to be all to often glued to one screen or another. Instead, children actually have to communicate with those around them and take an active role in the game instead of a passive one.

6. Suits a Variety of Ages

Sometimes events with children can be challenging to plan, as it can be difficult to find activities that suit a broad age range. Basketball Frenzy is perfect for kids 7 and up and can even be played by younger children with a parent’s help. Teens will also enjoy this game, and you might find several of your adult friends partaking in a hoop or two.

7. Simple Concept

The concept of Basketball Frenzy is also simple and easy to understand, meaning that kids can be in charge of playing the game without adult guidance. This gives parents a chance to have often much needed me-time.

Think Creative

If you’re planning your party in or around Boston, Hartford, or New York and want Basketball Frenzy at your event, then give Creative Event Services a call. Not only do we have a large selection of game options available, but we offer a wide range of event supplies from furniture to equipment, and at great rental prices too!


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