Deluxe Video Game Show Trivia

Which our new Deluxe Game Show combo we can incorporate a variety of fun action-packed game show elements from 3 of our most popular shows into one. (Minute it to win it, Hi Tech Video Jeopardy & Face off Trivia) In the past few years Minute to Win it has quickly become one of the most popular game shows in the world. The show features everyday Americans competing in 60-second challenges with household objects for a shot at a million dollars. Now you can bring the excitement of this game to your next event where guests participate in an assortment of minute to win it games lead by our host and cohost. After a brief 2-minute intermission/set change we transition into our Jeopardy style game show with 2 Screens, glow game console bar & handheld buzzers contestants (custom trivia option available) It’s a category style game board, similar to Jeopardy-style but flexible. You can have from 1 to 6 categories with 1 to 5 questions per category. There are up to twelve rounds of questions per show. Each round can have a custom title. The Deluxe combo package also includes:

  • 2 Screens & Audio System (included)
  • Custom On-Screen Graphics (included)
  • 6 Deluxe Leather Stools for contestants (included)
  • Additional Trivia options with multiple choice and head to head face off Trivia (included)
  • Optional Custom Branded Glow Game Station (optional)

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