Charm Your Guests Through Music Video Themed Parties

MTV may not be known for playing music videos anymore, but that doesn’t mean you have to stop the party! Impress your guests by hosting a music video themed soiree! How do you do this, you may ask? Check out these awesome themes, tips, and inspirations that’ll take you back to the days when TRL ruled the world.

Music Video Theme Party

Why This Is an Awesome Idea

Who doesn’t love a themed party? People love hosting superhero and Great Gatsby themed events. While those are cute, they’re pretty played out. If you want to leave a real impression on your guests, you’ll need to try something new.

A music video themed party is a fresh take on the modern event. It opens the doors for creative expression in ways you didn’t even know you had. There are so many iconic music videos to choose from that serve as party-inspiration. This unique theme is unforgettable and definitely worthy of some pretty wicked social media photos.

Did you ever think a party could prompt you to think? With a music video themed party, it gets your brain juices working overtime. You’ll have to incorporate drastic do-it-yourself methods to perfectly execute your plan. Your guests will also have to find unique ways to abide by the themed rules. This fun take on the traditional party encourages collaboration, creative brainstorming, and involvement. When you all put your thinking caps on, you’re sure to have a rocking event.

Iconic Music Videos to Jumpstart Your Inspiration

There are many iconic music videos that are riddled with party goodness. Most of them will give your guests an opportunity to buy cool outfits. Let’s consider the music videos that changed the world and how you can turn them into a fabulous party.

Michael Jackson: Thriller

There are few music videos that have changed the world as unyielding as Thriller. The retro costumes and iconic dance moves are brilliant. This makes it ideal for a scary, 80s party. Whip out your old Halloween decorations and get to work! Have your guests dress in MJ classics or have a few slide-in dripped in zombie attire. This will also give you a great excuse to dress as a werewolf.

Brittany Spears: Hit Me Baby One More Time

Ah, the iconic puff-pigtails and school-girl style rocked the 90s like an earthquake. This is an awesome theme for a girl’s night in. Reminisce to Brittany classics and dress the part. You can even play on the whole high school vibe by hosting your unique and better version of cafeteria food. You and your friends can even belt out the lyrics to Hit Me Baby One More Time. Don’t worry, we’re not judging.

Lady Gaga: Bad Romance

Ba-ra-ah-ah-ah. Calling all Little Monsters- it’s your time to shine. This video is the definition of pure creativity and musical genius. Your friends can have an awesome time dressing in avant-garde costumes and jamming out to techno-music. Using a white and red color scheme, you’ll have plenty of decor options to choose from.

Beyoncé: Single Ladies

This is a great option for those nights when you want to party, but don’t want to deal with the crowds. Whether you’re getting over a break-up or celebrating your singleness, Single Ladies is your go-to song. Dress like the memorable trio and whoa-uh-oh all night long. You and your friends can get some extra cardio in trying to learn the dance moves showcased in the video.

Madonna: Vogue

Whip out your Sunday best and hit the runway. Hosting a fashion themed party is a great way to celebrate Fashion Week or showcase your favorite designs. Just like the unforgettable music video, you can even practice your cat-walk while sipping fabulous drinks.

If we’re being honest, all Madonna music videos are inspiration goals. Take her outlandish style mixed with love for fun and you’ve got yourself a rocking party!

Sometimes planning a fantastic party is fun Music Video in theory, but stressful in reality. That’s why Creative Event Services is here to help. Serving the Boston, Hartford and New York areas, our team will make sure your event is nothing less than seamless. Count on us to provide organizational tips and practical ways you can make your music video party unforgettable.


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