Advantages of White Dance Floors at Your Event

Putting together a memorable event is no easy feat, as it is quite difficult to impress many different people at the same time. Getting a setup that cuts across the different tastes of various people requires some out-of-the-box ideas. However, this does not always have to be the case, as it’s possible to create an event set up using classic ideas that will never go out of style that everyone can enjoy. One such classic addition to any event is the elegant white dance floor.

White Dance Floor Installation

While there is nothing wrong with regular wooden dance floors, the events scene is constantly changing and people are leaning further towards more refined and sophisticated setups. That is where white dance floors come in. These white dance floors come in different styles and types, and can be further accentuated in a number of ways, including using LED lights.

Why white dance floors?

White dance floors are appealing over other dance floor options for a number of reasons. These reasons include:

  • White dance floors create a sleek, sophisticated ambience in any event. From corporate events to private parties such as weddings and birthdays, this white dance floor adds a fun bright feel to the venue. This bright feel makes the dance floor irresistible, and all your guests will want to remain on their feet the whole time.
  • The white dance floors allow personalization to suit different needs. This is because the white surface creates the perfect backdrop on which you can project anything that you want. This is particularly perfect in corporate settings because company logos as well as event sponsors can be projected on the dance floor. Moreover, personalizing the dance floor at an event makes the whole event feel more put-together. For example, having the happy couple’s initials projected onto the dance floor is a great way to pull the dance floor into the overall decor of a wedding venue.
  • White is a classic color that goes with just about anything. For this reason, having a white dance floor will ensure that the dance floor blends right into the rest of the event decor. This is a very important factor because other types of dance floors may not be that forgiving to the color scheme of the rest of the event. White, on the other hand, will complement any other color combinations to create the perfect event with a dreamy appeal that is easy on the eyes.
  • The color white also gives the allure of spaciousness. While other dance floors may be of the same size as the white, the white dance floor will encourage more people to dance because it creates the illusion that there is loads of space to dance around. No one likes to be in a cramped dance floor where they keep bumping into other people, and if at first glance the dance floor seems small, rest assured that people will avoid it all together. With white dance floors, this will never be the case, as guests will be more encouraged to get on the floor.

Where to Get White Dance Floors

White dance floors are increasingly catching on, and for this reason they are not difficult to find. Most event organizers have floor suppliers who have a wide variety of floors for you to choose from. One of the most important factors that you need to consider when choosing floors for your next event is quality. Getting quality flooring will ensure that your event looks elegant and classy.

Employing a reliable service provider will also ensure that you get nothing short of properly installed dance floors. Poorly installed floors or poor quality floors pose a danger to dancing guests as they can easily cause accidents. Additionally, picking a reliable service provider will ensure that the dance floor is ready in time for your event.

Creative Event Services is a reliable dance floor service provider catering White Dance Floor to events in and around Boston, Hartford, and New York. We have quality supplies and equipment to ensure that your events come to life just as you envisioned them. In addition to having solid experience that spans over a number of years, we are available around the clock to help plan your next event. Contact us to get started putting together an event your guests will be talking about for years!


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