Add Surprising Glam to Your Party With White Screen Photos

The task of planning an event or party can sometimes make us get a little carried away; all the decorations, party favors, food, entertainment, and costumes can wind up making an event more overwhelming than exciting. That’s why sometimes incorporating a little simplicity and class to your event can take it from overwhelming to outstanding. Photo booths with frills can add excitement and fun to your event, but many underestimate the benefits of a simple, plain, white screen as a backdrop for guests to be photographed in front of.


A simple, white screen as a photo background can surprisingly add glam to your party, and it can provide guests with the opportunity to do a little customizing of their own if they’re skilled in photo editing. However, a plan, white screen offers guests and party planners fun opportunities to get creative and incorporate more of their personality into a lasting, captured moment of fun. If you’re wondering how a simple white screen photo can take your party to the next level, read more about the benefits and how you can incorporate one into your next event.

The surprising benefits of a simple, white screen

Many party planners imagine that a simple white screen as a photo backdrop might be boring, plain, or not special enough for their fabulous event; however, party planners agree that a white screen backdrop for pictures actually makes guests feel less overwhelmed and more engaged with one another, as they’re not focused on what the background of the photo will look like. Here are some other benefits of a simple white screen that you might not have thought of for your own event:

Simple and clean

The great part about a plain white screen is that it can just speak for itself. Guests’ outfits are usually exciting and captivating enough, that you don’t need to add the fuss and extravagance of any other competing images or colors. Stick with a plan backdrop, and your guests will thank you.

Pop that color

Once again, guests come to a party to please—they dress to the 9’s in their finest, and sometimes most elegant outfits (depending on the nature of the event, of course). In any case, letting the guests shine in the photo is the main objective of a white backdrop.

Highlight the fun

You might not expect it, but with a white backdrop there’s nothing more to focus on except the guests in the photo and all the fun they’re having in the moment. A white photo screen allows your guests’ personalities, beauty, and excitement to shine right through the picture, highlighting the fun, and only the fun!

Have a Photoshop fiasco

If you or your guests want to take the opportunity to get creative, a white photo background is a perfect opportunity to incorporate fun messages or Photoshopped backgrounds into a picture that otherwise may not be available. For smaller events, you can even take the opportunity to customize each photo and send it to your guests as a memorable souvenir of the evening.

You don’t need frills to capture the moment

The best part about a white photo screen is that it leaves room for creativity. To incorporate more fun into the blank photo experience, leave a basket of props near the photo backdrop for them to customize the photo themselves in any way they choose. A white photo background is also a perfect option for black tie events, where the guests’ outlandish attire will really pop.

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White Screen Photo The experts here at Creative Event Services have been planning events for clients all over the areas of Boston, Hartford, and New York for years, and we know better than most that sometimes less is more. For clients that want a simple, classic, and fun entertainment option for their guests, a white photo screen is the perfect choice. The simple elegance of a white photo screen is sometimes the perfect addition to an event, allowing the guests themselves to be the star of the evening. To learn about our photobooths, photo backdrops, or other options available, please contact us directly.


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