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Event planning is a skill, and if you don’t have practice doing it, it can feel extremely overwhelming. Once you’ve decided on a venue, food, and sent the invitations, you’re still left with a laundry list of things to do, including finding a source of entertainment for the evening. The entertainment at a party is often what leaves guests talking about the event for years to come—even looking fondly back on their memories of the night, they often relate back to how much fun they had.

Dance Heads

Planning the entertainment for your event may be challenging, especially if you’re trying to find a form of entertainment that will appeal to all types of people. The best way to tackle this aspect of event planning is to find helpful resources. Event-planning services are often extremely helpful in rentals and unique entertainment options that you might not have thought of before. Dance Heads is a more recent entertainment attraction for parties and events that has a wide range of appeal. Here’s a little bit more about why Dance Heads could be right for your event:

Hilariously Funny Animation

Laughter is one of the best ways to engage guests and keep them entertained all night long. Whether you hire a stand-up comedian or a clown, you might be disappointed in the fact that they only appeal to a certain group of individuals—i.e. adults or children; but what about the rest of the crowd? Dance heads takes an image of your head and places it onto a professionally dancing body—that alone is hilarious. Your guests want to be engaged and entertained simultaneously, and Dance Heads will certainly give them something to laugh about.

Fully-Animated Backgrounds

The body and head animation in Dance Heads isn’t the only thing that’s animated; the backgrounds are also animated! You can choose from a wide range of background selections for your dancing head to be placed in. Whether you want to be surfing the waves or performing at concert venues with professional backup dancers, Dance Heads brings your wildest dreams into reality—at least for a few spectacular moments!

Perfect for All Ages

Dance Heads sounds like it might appeal mostly to children, but our experience has shown that to be incorrect. In fact, adults have just as much fun interacting with Dance Heads as children do! No matter what your guests’ age is, Dance Heads appeals to a wide audience and will keep them lining up the whole night long.

Great Entertainment for the Whole Crowd

The entertainment doesn’t just apply to those who are actively participating in the Dance Heads experience, but to the entire crowd who watches as well. It’s a unique experience to watch real faces on dancing cartoons—one that we don’t get to see on a regular basis. Of course, it makes guests laugh, but the sheer uniqueness of the attraction keeps guests frozen in wonderment, awaiting their turn at it.

Party Souvenirs for All

Dance Heads isn’t just a party attraction—it’s also a souvenir! With each experience captured, the animation can also be recorded and sent to anyone the participant chooses. It can be made into a DVD, leaving guests with a personalized party favor that they’ll never want to lose!

Use at Any Event

Dance Heads is not only versatile for any audience member, but it’s great for any event or party you can dream up. Whether it be a birthday party, a graduation celebration, a corporate event, or a rite of passage like a bar or bat mitzvah, Dance Heads offers unique entertainment that lightens the mood and gives guests an opportunity to laugh and bond together.

Have Dance Heads at Your Event!

Kids Enjoying At Creative Event Services, we have helped plan countless events in the areas of Boston, Hartford, and New York, NY. With a wide range of party attractions available to our clients, they can’t seem to stay away from Dance Heads. For all the aforementioned reasons, Dance Heads is one of the most popular party attractions available today. If you are planning an event in the area and need helpful event-planning suggestions, please contact us directly. We look forward to helping make your event a spectacular stand-out with Dance Heads.


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