Time to plan for a party in the Boston or New England areas, but not sure what to do? Give us a call at Creative Event Services! We cover all private event entertainment, from birthdays to special events. Do your party goers share all the same interests, or are they different ages and require various levels of entertainment? No worries, because we’ve got it all.

Audio / Video

For the folks who just cannot get enough of technology, let them record their own CDs in a soundproof booth, make up commercials, sing karaoke, become a DJ, make a video or MC a sports event. Ever see a digital graffiti wall? People are photographed with a white screen behind them. Then designs can be added freehand or using stencils. This one is a favorite!


If your kids can’t wait for the carnival to come to town, bring it to your house now! We set up game booths, food booths and face painting. Our Private event rentals make any party fun.

Casino Nights

Setting up a surprise party for someone who loves poker and one-armed-bandits? Our private event ideas are unending! Turn the setting into a genuine casino, with all the suspense and excitement. Bring the feeling of Vegas to New York.

Crafts & Favors

Need some private event ideas for the artists in the family? From jewelry making and decorating clothes to temporary tattoos that last a week, there is no end to the fun.

Make It Unique

To fulfill the wishes of your guests, we offer an array of themes, or can mix it up for a diverse group. We take the stress and frustration out of private event planning. We also do the set up and breakdown after a party. Let us do the work for you, so you can enjoy all the fun, too – no more running around making sure your guests are happy, you become one of them!

For your next party in Rhode Island or Hartford give us a call.


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