“There are many events in our lives that we would like to relieve more than once. The memories captured will hell to remember the importance and symbolism of the event. We know exactly how precious each and every moment is to you. We’re able to capture these moments through film and deliver them in a way in which you can cherish them. We believe in the art of story-telling in order to make your video exceptional and awe-inspiring. We craft each individual video specifically to celebrate your personalities and let them shine throughout. Throughout this process we’ll be sure to make sure that you do not lose your comfort zone.”.


This medium is a synopsis of the entire event. We emphasize a bit more on the details to make everything more prominent including family, friends etc. It begins with the first part of the event followed by the others respectively. It centers the cause of the event, and we dramatize it accordingly with either a song of your choice or ours. The duration of highlights depend on how long the event lasted.

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This medium is our exclusive. The characteristics of our Mash-Up are Choreography & Visualization. If your event is a dance based one, we know how to make use of the aggregation. We provide people with different props and ask them to have fun with them. It is all then compiled in a teaser like video, which shows the happening pack having ultimate fun at the event.

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Music Video:

Let Creative Event Services story board your next photo/video shoot and create a Music Video of your favorite song. We will plan, shoot and edit your own MTV style music video to be shown at your upcoming event.

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Photo Montage:

Photo Montage is just like a digital album of your photos. We make a collage of your high definition pictures and locate them step by step over a fine-looking background with your color theme and sync them all with the song of your choice. We even let you choose your own photos that you want to add in the montage. The equation of your own color theme, photos and song is actually a beautiful artistic effect which will take you down the memory lane even if you look at them after years. As they say, one thing good about the pictures is, they never change.

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Photography Services:

In addition to wide variety of interactive photo novelties ask our about our pro photography services. From Bar Mitzvah to Weddings to Corporate events we can pair you with the best in the industry though our vast network of pro photographers.…

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“Trailer” or “Teaser”, the name itself is self explanatory. Yes, we make a high definition cinematic trailer of your event which lasts not more than 2 minutes. In this trailer, we pool in the most epic moments of your event, along with a sound track which would harmonize the complete trailer.

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