VR Hero Station is a new interactive party favor attraction just like our Digital Graffiti Wall and VR Sports Arena, but this time the Party Favor is a GAME APP branded with the event theme, where the GUEST IS THE HERO!!

What is the work flow at the event?
The guest chooses between 3 games that are presented to them. The guest stands in front of the Green Screen and and have their picture taken. A photo with the Game Poster is merged with the guest’s face and then is printed as your personalized VR Hero.

How does VR Hero Work?

The guest takes a photo in front of the Green Screen.
The head of the guest is merged with the game poster and printed onto a 5×7 photo.
The guest is now a HERO.
The photo has both a code and QR code.
The code on the photo is used at one of the IPad stations where the guest can enter it and play one of three games.
The QR code can be scanned by either an Apple or Android phone. Once the game is downloaded, the game is now playable and saved forever!
The guest now has a gaming app with himself/herself as the Hero! What an awesome party favor!!

What are the branding options?
At each event ranging from Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to Corporate Events, you’ll want to brand the game according to the theme of the event. You are able to customize you’re own background with a custom logo or photo!

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