• Space Required:

    10' FT. W x 8' FT. H x 12' FT. D

  • Power Required:

    (1) Dedicated 20 Amp Circuit.

  • Additional Requirements:

    (1) 6' FT. Tables Skirted.

Are there going to be guests from different age groups at your event? DANCEHEADS™ will keep them all entertained and coming back for more! It’s more than just lip-syncing or karaoke.

DANCE HEADS™ superimposes participants’ heads on professional dancers’ bodies while they sing along to some of the greatest pop hits of all time. The outrageous effect is completed with fully animated backgrounds.

Monitors allow delighted viewers to watch participants become singing and dancing stars! It’s hilarious, could prove to be a great icebreaker and get everyone in the mood for a party.

Each guest receives a DVD copy to remember the crazy party they went to. Create an event they’ll never forget with DANCE HEADS™! (Available for every type of event!)

Dance Heads Boston & Dance Heads New York are always attracting crowds whether it’s a trade show or Bar Mitzvah guests are always lined up and laughing.

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